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    Jade screen does not change the exterior of the building and the transparency of the glass curtain wall, creating an open space with unobstructed interior space, allowing the advertisement to be integrated into the building and integrated into life.
    LED球形屏,模組、PCB采用梯形板設計,可以實現無縫拼接,支持均勻抽點 技術,顯示畫面不失真。
    The LED spherical screen, the module and the PCB adopt the trapezoidal plate design, which can realize seamless splicing, support uniform drawing technology, and display the picture without distortion.
    The indoor conventional products adopt high-quality LED light-emitting devices and drives. The PCB has been designed with energy-saving structure, high definition, high refresh, high contrast, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be designed and produced from indoor high-definition P2.5 to indoor P12.
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    Shenzhen Lianshuoxian Electronics Co., Ltd.

    — Nude Crystal Metal Invisible Display's originator, the world's exclusive technology and technology. With 4 invention patents, 15 utility model patents, 2 EU and US patents, it is the only international R&D and manufacturer of high-density chip glass display and high-density chip film display. It is also the only whole industry chain display enterprise in China to integrate chip R&D, processing, display unit production and engineering installation. 
    The company has established a complete working system based on the concept of "micro-entry, original refinement, discipline integration and teamwork". Have a highly creative, efficient, rigorous, dedicated and responsible technical team. 

    Glass window

    The application of glass window meets the urgent needs of attracting customers'attention, increasing the rate of entering stores and improving the consumption experience with the display of high definition and cool, holographic effect and intelligent interaction function on the premise of completely not blocking the image of stores.
    Glass screen wall

    With the perfect combination of glass curtain wall and building, it is integrated with the building without changing the appearance of the building. The daytime hardly affects the transparency and lighting of glass curtain wall, while the night falls with magnificent and colourful pictures, making the city more romantic and dreamlike!
    Stage dance

    The transparency of LED intelligent transparent screen, mobile phone interaction function, flexible structure design, diversified surface modeling and so on have brought more possibilities for the realization of Stage Dancing beauty effects.
    Commercial space

    In the indoor environment of large-scale buildings and commercial spaces such as airports, high-speed railway stations, Metro stations, Convention and Exhibition centers, Hotel theatres, cities and commercial complexes, we can create an excellent space atmosphere, which is in perfect harmony with the architecture and interior style, and make the media effect more visual impact.
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    [Glass Curtain Wall LED Display Screen] What are the characteristics of glass curtain wall LED Display Screen
    現在玻璃幕墻LED顯示屏可謂是隨處可見,大型商場、會所、廣場等等地方。 那么對于這種新型的玻璃幕墻LED顯示屏有什么特點呢?小編給各位講解一下 1、高透視率:80%以上的透視率,以減少對玻璃幕墻透……
    [LED Screen Clarity] Why does the LED screen look foggy?
    First, improve the contrast of the LED display Contrast is one of the key factors affecting visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and vivid the image, and the more v……
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